THE GIRL CHILD, Janada M Gadzama

Spoken Word by Janada M Gadzama, “The Girl Child” in commemoration with the International Day of the Girl Child celebrated on 11th October.

The video shows the plight girls face in the society especially in the aspect of Education. Girls are hindered from achieving their dreams based on Culture, Economic reasons and Gender norms. We forget that girls can contribute to a nation in so many ways because of her creative and focused nature. Mother’s cannot speak up for their daughters because they went through the same thing and have been suppressed. A woman can never be above a man, neither can she be below him but she is better beside him.

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THE BLOOD IN THE DESERT! By; Janada M Gadzama. Over the years, the city of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria has been tormented by the ravaging insurgency. The sounds of explosions and the cracking of guns have become a ringtone in the ears of the people of Borno. The IDP’s (Masses) who have fled their homes are still being killed even in the small communities they are taking refuge. Children have been killed and some have been turned into terrorists, children have become orphans, women have become widows and their children have been killed, the women have been abducted and now our men are lonely and distressed, troubled if their wives and daughters have been sold off, married off, raped or even killed. We do not know where or to whom to turn to except God. We can ARISE and Speak up for the VOICELESS MASSES, let’s cry out to our LEADERS and to GOD! ARISE!


I’ll be releasing a poem voiced in spoken word on the 26th November, 2020. The poem addresses the Issues facing Nigeria presently and explores a firm contrast between the past, present and the future of Nigera. The poem reflects the past, it reminds, encourages and is written to give hope to Nigerian’s of a better future ahead. As we anticipate this touching and awe-inspiring video let’s like, comment, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when the video drops. #Anticipate


The unapologetic killing of the Youths in Lagos State, Nigeria has shown how heartless our leaders are. Showing love to us during campaign, killing us during their reign? This is Nigeria! Where the innocent are slain and it has become a thing of pain. The military killing civilians, but they can’t end the insurgency in the north east. Go use those bullets and end terrorism and not on those you pledged your life to die for. They say our voices count, okay! Let’s speak up peaceably in every way we can and let’s see if they will show concern
But in everything, we must PRAY ~With a heavy heart , Jathniel


We need to speak up and fight this menace called “RAPE”. What is happening in Nigeria right now and around the world is so heartbreaking. The Cases of rape and other related sexual abuses are on the increase each day. Please let us SPEAK UP and say NO to this life threatening brutality. This girls are our sisters, daughters, wives, future wives…. If we keep quiet it means we are giving up our women to the jaws of these pouncing beasts.



I was privileged to be interviewed by Plan International (An International NGO) in commemoration with the International Day of the African Child celebrated on the 16th of June every year. I was privileged to speak on the challenges and hopes of the African Child. The African Child is suffering numerous challenges ranging from; early marriage, poor quality of education, recruited as child soldiers, street Hawking, sexual abuse, emotional trauma, becoming orphans at an early age due to their parents being killed by the insurgents. Also African children like me are not given the opportunity to showcase their GIFTS inorder to make impacts. These are just few amongst the numerous pain the African Children go through everyday. I hope I was able to speak your minds and I hope that our hopes will come to Life. ~Janada M Gadzama

Speak the word! Speak up!